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Take notice that on May 13, 2024 at 6 pm the  Houghton Township Board of Keweenaw County will hold a Public Hearing at the Houghton Township office at 5059 4th Street, Eagle River, Michigan relative to the right-of-way encroachment of the smoker enclosure at the Fitzgerald Restaurant.  

Houghton Township will decide at the regular meeting on May 20 to either refrain from disclaiming the abandoned right-or-way, in which case the right-of-way would revert to the Road Commission pursuant to the Road Commission resolution or the Township Board will disclaim the right-of-way and allow abandonment to go forward.

Public Comment regarding the proposed abandonment can be mailed in advance of the meeting to Houghton Township at 5059 4th Street, Eagle River, MI  49950 or submitted via email at 


Keweenaw County, MI, USA


Thanks for submitting!

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